Ketamine Lounge

Experience the
future of healing.

A brain health sanctuary using ketamine therapy for growth and healing under safe, ethical and closely monitored clinical settings.

flagship experience

Technology powers your more personalized experience.

(coming soon)

The intuitive APP will seamlessly enhance the highly customized patient experience from start to finish by facilitating appointment scheduling, treatment experiences, personal preferences, wearables data tracking through to follow-up and aftercare plans. 

Immersive Wrap Around Cinematic Rooms
(coming soon)

Lose yourself in mesmerizing immersive backdrops of hyper-realistic beautiful places from around the world. Guided meditation journeys and sound healing music can induce the same altered state attained during Ketamine therapies that evoke calmness, grounding and helps reset your mind.

Mobile Ketamine IV
(coming soon)

KetaDASH has selected Ketamine Lounge as the exclusive Miami partner for its mobile Ketamine IV roll-out program. A custom high-end medical van and KetaDASH’s software platform will allow Ketamine Lounge to bring our exclusive Ketamine IV treatments directly to you saving time, money and hassle.

(coming soon)

Empowering doctors and patients with realtime health data for better clinical decisions and health outcomes.

Empowering transformative
therapeutic experiences.



Each new patient works with our medical team to determine if ketamine treatment is right for them.

A thorough medical and mental health review is obtained to determine if the benefits outweigh any possible risks of the treatment.

You will be given access to our app to create an initial profile, connect your health data, and learn more about the potential treatments that we offer.

Booking +


After the initial consultation has occurred and patient history has been thoroughly reviewed, the patient will be able to book their appointment through the mobile app and view more details about the clinic.

Upon arrival for their appointment, you can use your app to check-in with our team to let them know you have arrived.

Tracking +


Prior to their appointment, you will be able to engage with educational content on our app to help further your understanding of psychedelic therapies.

You are also able to connect your health data, share your treatment goals, and track other metrics that will help us make more informed decisions and better plan for your treatment and post-treatment care.



Once your treatment day arrives, we will have plenty of information to help provide a better, more personal, experience at our clinic.

Your data is connected to our clinic system and you will have access to personalized music recommendations, updated health metrics, and other pertinent information during your treatment, through the integrated iPad in the chair.



After your treatment is completed, your journey with us does not end. You will still have access to the Ketamine Lounge application and our team to help guide you on your path of growth and healing.

Post-treatment, you will be able to access data about your specific treatment, as well as continue to log and track key metrics as you continue to recover.