About Us

We're providing better healing experiences.

Our goal is simple – to provide a unique and superior experience that results in optimal therapeutic outcomes. We work with protocols that have been fine-tuned over years of successfully administering ketamine treatments. Proprietary technology is also leveraged to safely, legally and seamlessly administer highly effective ketamine treatments to treat a wide variety of mood disorders and ailments. 
The little extras

Enhancing your experience

What we do different
A unique members club connecting people
Higher doses for deeper insights and therapeutic outcomes
Private rooms for treatments
Ultra-comfortable, clean and inviting settings
Carefully created meditation and music playlists
Recovery drinks and snacks
Highly customized experiences with personal attention
Tapering programs for opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines
Close monitoring during treatments 
Highly integrated with proprietary technology  
Guided meditation at start of treatments
Patients become brand ambassadors 
Our Process

A guided healing experience

Step 1 - intake
We provide you an intake and consent package to complete, consisting of medical history questions and mental health questionnaires. We then measure your vitals and take a urine sample.
STEP 2 - Consultation
Our expert doctors will go over your medical history and review your responses to the questionnaires to understand you better and ensure Ketamine is an appropriate treatment.
STEP 3 - treatment
Once you are cleared for treatment, you will proceed to a private room where we will administer your introductory ketamine IV infusion. The treatments take place in a private and comfortable room. We provide you with premium noise-cancelling headphones and music, an eye mask and blanket. A member of staff will be constantly monitoring your vitals for safety and to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.
STEP 4 - Foundation
If after your first experience you realize the tremendous benefits and decide to sign up for the full course, we will then administer a foundational treatment of 6-8 ketamine infusions over 3-4 weeks. You coordinate the ketamine treatments with your psychotherapist. If you don't have one, we can provide referrals that even accept insurance.
STEP 5 - Maintenance
Upon completion of the course, remission from your mood disorder can typically  last for many months. We encourage ongoing psychotherapy, exercise, nutritional and general lifestyle changes. If at some time after completion of the course you feel the negative feelings may be creeping back, you can come back for a booster infusion. 
The Chair

The centerpiece

A plush ergonomic launch pad ready to take you on a deeper and more powerful introspective journey to gain valuable insights about yourself and the world around you. Our zero gravity recliner holds the body in the perfect position to distribute weight evenly across all your pressure points, supporting the lumber area and relieving painful tension almost instantly. You enter the perfect “neutral body position” so you can enter your treatment in the most relaxed state.
Adaptive Music
Science based curated music playlists and integrated guided meditation ensures peak experiences every time.
Eye Masks
Block out ambient light to ensure a relaxing, introspective journey.
Integrated iPad
For face to face psychotherapy during and after treatments.
Our specialists

Meet the team

Dr. Rudolph Eberwein

Internal & Life Wellness

Dane Jackman

Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Diana Aristizabal

Nurse Practitioner

Reanna Ramkhelawan

Patient Care Coordinator

Brian Dass

Technology Platform Architect