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Providing unrivalled psychedelic therapy experiences.

The little extras

Enhancing your experience

What we do different
A unique members club 
Private rooms for treatments
Ultra-comfortable, clean and inviting settings
Carefully created meditation and music playlists
Healthy organic recovery drinks and snacks
Highly customized experiences with personal dashboards
Tapering programs for opiates, alcohol and benzodiazepines
Immersive environments for optimal mindset 
Highly integrated with proprietary technology  
Connect before, during and after with the APP
Patients become brand ambassadors 
our Pricing

Providing accessible treatment options.

One of our core beliefs at Ketamine Lounge is to make ketamine therapy accessible to as many as possible. We recognize that cost of treatment is a primary concern for our patients as insurance policies typically do not cover the costs, which is a great shame of the healthcare system.

We offer a generous introductory first treatment, which includes a consultation with our expert medical provider, for only $375. Most people thereafter sign up for a foundational series of 6 to 8 infusions. If after the foundational series a patient feels that their symptoms are creeping back, then we offer booster infusions on an as needed basis for only $450 each. Here is a breakdown of our pricing for a foundational series of 6-8 treatments:

1st treatment - $375
2nd treatment - $600
3rd treatment - $600
4th treatment - $600
5th treatment - $600
6th treatment - $250
7th treatment - $450
8th treatment - $450

Payment is expected upfront at the time of each visit. We accept cash or credit card payment (cc fees apply).

Financing Options -

For those that may qualify for financial assistance we offer our "GET WELL NOW AND PAY LATER PLAN," which you will not find anywhere else - $0 down payment, 0% interest, no credit checks, no third party company, a minimum of $375 a month payment with a credit card held on file. This plan is made directly with our office and can be further discussed with you upon completion of your first treatment.

Our Services

Benefits of our different
psychedelic experiences.

Low Dose
Ketamine Therapy

High Dose
Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine drug activates neuroplasticity in the brain

Faster and longer remission results

Mystical experience during treatment

Fast recovery at end of treatment

Fewest treatments required